MeTrue Live at Temp~ Festival

/ MeTrue

For some pictures of MeTrue’s “bewildering” debut performance on Temp~ Festival 2008 simply click the pick above! All pictures shot by our good friend Gregor Hofbauer.

Richard Eigner’s Headphone Highlights

/ Wald Listening

Red Bull Music Academy Radio
I was asked to do a mix for the series “Headphone Highlights” from RBMA Radio. It containes some soon to be released stuff, well hidden musical treasures (check out Cleptoclectics, folks!!) and personal alltime favourites. Gently click on the picture above! Playlist

The Surface Constructors

/ Ritornell

Copenhagen Jazz Festival
I just returned from Copenhagen where i joined the great Trio “The Surface Constructors” at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. They just released a record on the label
Brumtone. It’s really good stuff. Click the picture to check it out.

On the Wald Stereo:

/ Wald Listening

Portishead - Machine Gun - Island
Sten - Squares - Smallville
VA - Ghostly Swim - Ghostly International
Beckett & Taylor - World of Me - Hand On The Plow
Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Melons - Smallville
Pantha Du Prince - Tau - Dial
Christian Löffler - This Year - Orphanear
Samiyam - Rap Beats Vol.1
James Pants - Cosmic Rapp - Stones Throw
Ellen Allien - Zauber - BPitch Control

Red Bull Music Academy Session Linz 08 Pics

/ General

For the pictures of the lovely Red Bull Music Academy session with Beat Wizard Dimlite gently click the pic above! Shot by Martin Wöhrer and Herbert Eigner.